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Air mixture with orifice and orfice carrier

Part # 3438BA-M       Presently out of stock.
Best selling productsBurners


Brand: Dearborn    WE CARRY BOTH USED AND NEW Price: Up to $89.00   Part # 6096-6077  12000 BTU   $65.00 new 6096-6009 20,000BTU    $75.00 new    Used when available $55.00 6096-6015 30000...
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High Pressure 4" Burner

Brand: misc Part#HP 400B       Used to make outside cooker (L.P.) has straight pipe with orifice included .Has  a 3/8 flare connection
Best selling productsBurners


Price  $4.00 Part# 11  $4 depending on size. We have as many as 50 different diameters
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Low and High Pressure 6" Burner

Brand:  L P  Burner Price: $18.99 Part# LP600B Used to make outside L.P. cooker. Comes with straight pipe has orifice built inside. Has 3/8 flare fitting connection.
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LP Gas Burner 11 inch

Part#LP1100B                11" diameter LP gas burner with orifice and 3/8 flare fitting, Does not gas valve. valve .
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Mushroom Burner 3 and 4 inch

Brand: misc Price: 3 inch diameter round mushroom burner  OUT OF STOCK                  4 inch diameter round mushroom burner  $23.99  comes with lp...